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  1. Q1: Can I have a sample for testing?
    A: Yes, you can, but you need to pay.
  2. Q2: Can I add my logo on the clothing?
    A: Yes, OEM and ODM are available.
  3. Q3: Do you have inspection procedures for the products?
    A: 100% self-inspection before packing.
  4. Q4: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
    A: Sure, your visit is welcome at any time.
  5. Q5: How can I get after-service?
    A: We assure 2 years warranty. During this period, If any product quality issues occur, spare parts will be sent for free. But we have to charge if the problem is caused by man-made factors.

Thatch fire retardant

Synthetic Thatch Materials, Flame-Retardant & UV-Proof

OneThatch® synthetic thatch roofing materials are made from Nylon PA6 (a Class A fire-resistant material), which is the highest standard available in the global market. Our artificial thatch collections are not only top in quality but also gorgeous in design. To integrate our OneThatch® Palm product with a unique palm leave pattern and detailed texture, we create plastic injection molds ...

Fire Retardant Thatch Materials - Synthetic Fibre Thatch

Fire Retardant Thatch Materials - In accordance with British Standards all materials for domestic applications should be tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 12. Similarly to adhere to building regulations in the UK construction market, materials must comply with BS 476 Part 7.

Fire Retardant coating for ThatchFlame Retardant

Thatch Safe fire retardant is a spray for thatch and thatching. It forms a barrier which inhibits ignition of the treated material and restricts the char to the immediate area touched by or exposed to flame. Thatch Safe is a water-based, clear, odorless and non-toxic fire

Brisbane Thatch - Fire Retardant Balinese Thatch for

Factory Treated Fire Retardant Thatch Brisbane Thatch and Decks also stock Fire Retardant Alang Alang Thatch for those Balinese Huts that is located in a high risk area's such as publick parks and busy walkways where Bali Huts is build right next to fence with easy access for firefly's.

Fire Retardants Thatch Fire protection Fire Protection

Fire Protection Chemicals was established in 2007 based on 35 years of combined experience in the fire retardant industry. Extensive research was carried out to formulate products that are of high quality that can be sold at a competitive price.

Thatch-Safe Fire Retardant for Tiki and Thatch

Features Thatch-Safe is an easy-to-use fire retardant coating for tiki huts, bamboo and other decorative reed materials. Intumescent coating swells and chars to create a thick layer of protection against spread of flame. Colorless and non-toxic. Comes with

Fire Retardant Coating for thatch 1-800-333-9197 Flame

22/3/2015· Flame Safe Thatch Safe is the only fire retardant coating product available with a flame spread rating of 0 ASTM E84 Class A (also designated as UL723,Type 1 NFPA 255 and UBC 8-1) Flame Safe ...

Thatch Fire Protection - Fire Redardant Spray for Thatch

Thatch Fire Retardant Spray Thatch Marshal 8000 is a water-based fire retardant spray which not only prevents fire from spreading through thatch roofs but also seals the thatch making it more water resistent, less easy for birds and monkeys to damage, resistent to

Thatch Fire Retardant Fire Retardant Spray for Thatch

Thatch fire retardant is made for outdoor or indoor use. Class A Retardant designed from thatch materials. This product is a clear, opaque, non-corrosive, water-based fire retardant. It is a paint-like appearance that dries to a clear finish. Flexible yet durable which ...

Thatch Fire Retardant BC Constructions

The second stage of protection occurs when the fire retardant chemicals react with the cellulose and charring takes place, again having the effect of limiting the flow of oxygen. Micon THATCHSAYF does not change the natural appearance of the thatch and improves compaction without hindering its

fire retardant for thatching, roof thatch, bamboo

FLAME SAFE THATCH SAFE is a fire retardant coating. It can be used on any type of wood, porous, or non-porous materials, such as: Thatching Bamboo Koa Cypress Tike Hut Thatch Thatch Roofing Reed Fire Retardant for Thatching : This product complies ...

Magma Firestop® - Proven Thatch Fire Prevention

Magma Firestop® a proven and effective flame retardant for thatch and wood. Magma Firestop® is a brand name of AD Magma Industries who provide an extensive range of superior quality fire retardants intended for treatment of organic materials. The products are ...

Thatching Advisory Services Fire Barriers & Systems UK

Even in the last few years, we have seen a more comprehensive range of fire barriers, fire retardant sprays and other systems which can reduce the risks associated with thatch fires. Whether you have an existing thatched property or you are looking at an extension or new build, you should find the information you need within the website.

SPECIALISED FIREPROOFING Fire Protection for Thatch,

As a company Specialised Fireproofing has been involved in the application of passive fire retardant coatings and chemicals for the past 20 years. Specialised Fireproofing applicates a range of fire retardant coatings used to protect thatch, material, timber and fabric. ...

Tiki Thatch Roll Fire Retardant Thatch Tiki Bar Roof

FIRE RETARDANT TIKI THATCH Tiki thatch is a beautiful, diverse product with many applications for its use, and many styles to choose from. The way it is most often used is in roofing projects; covering an existing roof for aesthetic appeal, backyard tiki huts, or ...

Fire Retardant Thatch VacSpray

The FIRE PROTECTION is applied following the same process, however we concentrate on applying the fire retardant to the exterior and the internal thatch surfaces. The chemical that we use is specifically designed for thatch roof application. In the case of ...

A safe, fireproof thatch roof Farmer's Weekly

The fire-retardant chemicals penetrate the leaves in the thatch while intumescent chemicals, in combination with some fire-retardant chemicals, form a protective layer on the thatch stems. Exposure to fire triggers the first stage of protection and the intumescent material foams and forms an insulating char on the surface, limiting heat transmission and the supply of oxygen that supports ...

Fire Retardant Outdoor & Indoor Palapa Structures

Fire Retardant for Thatch, Matting & More. Palapa Structures is a leading supplier of high quality materials for palapas with low prices. Vacation Every Day! Please note all statements made about fire retardant are not warranties or guaranteed but are taken directly

Fire-Resistant Synthetic Thatch - Endureed

Even with proper flame retardant use, natural thatch still exposes you to the risk of fire with added costs and maintenance. Endureed synthetic thatch provides a safe alternative to natural thatch so you dont have to worry about the risk of fire. Endureed products

Thatchsayf Micon

The second stage of protection occurs when the fire retardant chemicals react with the cellulose and charring takes place, again having the effect of limiting the flow of oxygen. Micon THATCHSAYF does not change the natural appearance of the thatch and improves compaction without hindering its

Thatch Advice Centre - Free Thatching Help and

Specialist Fire retardant sprays for thatch These are sprayed on the outside of the completed thatch, give protection from embers and sparks from chimney, bonfire, fireworks and Chinese lanterns.E.g Magma Firestop Fire retardant spray which should only be applied on a dry roof on a dry day. ...

Fire Retardant Thatching - Fire Retardant Thatch - Tiki

Fire Retardant thatch, fire retardant thatching, Fire retardant for tiki huts. Thatch Safe fire retardant is a spray on treatment for thatch and thatching. It forms a barrier which inhibits ignition of the treated material and restricts the char to the immediate area touched by ...

Thatch Tone - Fire Retardant Enhancer for Straw

Fire Retardant: Comparison tests using Thatch Tone has been shown to improve fire resistance and liquid water resistance without significantly affecting water vapour permeability. Thatch Tone works by a simple silification of the plant fibre, which makes it less attractive to insects and mold attack.

Thatch Fire Protection -Thatch Protect - Fireboard -

External Fire retardant spray for thatch. It is environmentally friendly and has no detrimental effect on plants nor animals. Magma Firestop offers an 'A' rating for Spread of Flame and a 'B' rating for penetration under BS 476 Part 3 Magma Firestop IMW-435 ...

Thatch Fire Treatement Thatch Fireproofing Thatch

Fire Treatment for Thatch by Kyran OGrady Master Thatcher County Wicklow Ireland Fire Retardant Spray Kyran o Grady was one of the first Thatchers in Ireland to start fireproofing his thatched roofs. Originally the reed was treated with a solution called Frt80 in

LumberGuard XT fire retardant demo on thatch /

30/11/2015· Demonstration of Lumber Guard XT fire retardant on thatch / mexican rain cape, a common roofing and decorative material for tiki huts and table skirts. Two coats of Lumber Guard were applied and ...

Fire Shield - Thatch Roof Fire Retardants

Also, any enclosed thatch building must be fire protected. Most insurance companies insist on Fire Protection and some will give discounted premium rates once treated."A spread of flame test was conducted on a sample of Thatch Marshal 8000 fire retardant chemical to the requirements of section 8 of standard ASTM E108- "Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests on thatch Roof Coverings" We

Fire Retardant St Francis Bay Fire Retardant Jeffrys Bay

Thatch Marshal 8000 can be applied to both new and existing roofs; the fire retardant solution is applied with a high pressure Airless Spray pump. We are an approved applicator. We ensure that the correct measurement of solution is being applied and that all areas are attended to systematically if the specifications for application are not followed the roof could be inadequately protected.

Thatch-Safe - Fire Retardant Coating

Fire retardant coating for roof thatch,thatching, bamboo, tiki hut thatching, koa, reed and more On exterior thatching Thatch Safe can last three to five years, while maintaining a flame spread index of less than 25. In extreme weather conditions it may be necessary

Fire Safety & Insulation Product for Thatch - Magma

Magma Firestop is a proven, environmentally safe fire retardant spray for thatched roofs which is used throughout Europe. It does not change the appearance of the thatched roof, nor have any detrimental effect on the thatch nor any surrounding plants.

Thatch Safe Fire Retardant & Sealant - Forever Bamboo

Thatch Safe Fire Retardant is water based, clear liquid that acts as a preservative and water proofing agent when applied to thatch and bamboo. Thatch Safe is also eco-friendly and contains no asbestos, color dyes, or toxic chemicals. Application is

Thatch-Safe - Fire Safety & Insulation Product for Thatch

Thatch-Safe is the only fire barrier which has been especially developed for Thatch, which also meets both fire retardant and insulation requirements in a single product. Thatch-Safe achieved LABC (National Building Control) System Approval, Certificate Number 422-12-7177 .